Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year and 2nd Christmas

Saturday Brent and I took the girls out to their Gran and Grandaddy's house for our Christmas with the Huse family. We had a great time spending time with family and opening gifts for the girls. The girls received some great toys and outfits and had a great time smiling and "talking" to Gran, Grandaddy, Aunt Elizabeth and their soon-to-be Uncle Adam.

Gran and Grandaddy with Reagan, Addison and Baylee

Uncle Adam and Aunt Elizabeth with Addison, Baylee and Reagan

Here's a little update on each of the girls.

Addie sweetie
Addison remains to be just a little sweetheart. She loves to "talk" to us and smile. She loves to study faces and she had a great time looking at Grandaddy yesterday and "talking" to him. She loves her ducky paci her Grammy gave her for Christmas and she loves to look at the butterfly on her boppy playpad she got for Christmas as well. She holds her head up and looks around during tummy time and right now she weighs 13 lbs. Addie was our first to sleep through the entire night, as of now she is consistently down to one feeding a night!

Addison with her Ducky paci from Grammy

Sweet Addie bear New Years Day 2010
Addie before bathtime

Reagan Baby

Reagan loves to "talk" as well. At their doctor's appointment last Thursday, she was just staring at Gran and talking to her about her day. So cute! She loves to be on her tummy and she LOVES her Daddy. She loves her colorful toys and will track them across her field of vision, and she will smile but she makes you work for it. :) Our Reagan baby is very close to 13 lbs and is also consistently down to one feeding a night. Last night was her first night to sleep 12 hours without a feeding. We will see if she does it again!

Reagan sweetie New Years Day 2010

Reagan before bathtime
Reagan hangin with Mommy in her "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" onesie
Daddy with Reagan baby before bedtime

Baylee Boo
Baylee has been our first baby to smile and giggle, even though she is our youngest (by 2 minutes) and she is also the smallest. Right now, Baylee weighs a little over 12 and 1/2 lbs. I also think that Baylee may be our first to start crawling. She lifts her head the highest during tummy time and will push with her feet to move forward but she hasn't quite gotten the hands moving along with the legs to crawl. She will get there. :) She loves to laugh and smile at us and at everything around her. Each morning when I wake her up she just smiles up at me and then when I put her on the changing table she smiles at her little bulletin board with the bows and animals from the diaper cake her Aunt Mandy made for their baby shower. She really likes her paci, we have a hard time going anywhere without it.
Baylee Boo smiling New Years Day 2010
The girls' bulletin board above their changing table Baylee before bathtime
Baylee during Tummy Time Baylee with her Monkey paci from Grammy
Our sweet Baylee and Reagan during tummy time

The girls' 4 month checkup is this Thursday and Grammy will be in town to help me get them ready for their appointment. We aren't looking forward to the shots...I hate to see it more and more every time but I know they will love seeing their Grammy. :)


  1. Your pictures just get cuter and cuter! I am just amazed at how much they have changed and how fast they are growing.

  2. Michelle! First of all, Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! And I can't beLIEVE you have 3 girls! That's soo awesome! I got your blog address from Jessica. We can be blog buds now! Your babies are adorable! You were always SO organized... it's only fitting that you get 3 at once! I love all the pics! It's good to see that you and your little family are so happy!