Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ghetto Baby Bedroom

Well, the time came. We had to separate Baylee from the rest of the girls for naps. Each time one of the girls would wake up (Baylee or Reagan mostly) they tend to wake up the other and then insanity ensues.
The girls...Baylee, in her element...Reagan reaching out to calm her down...Addison wondering what all the crying is aboutIt is so difficult to get them back down to sleep after they both wake up and then naps don't go well which means night sleep doesn't go Christy advised me to separate Baylee into the guest bedroom for naps at least until they are a little older. The only problem we had was the amount of light coming into the guest bedroom during the day. There is a large half-moon window above the large draped window which lets in a lot of light. So, since Grammy was here visiting, we came up with a $0 cost way to cut down the amount of light coming into that bedroom...some cardboard from a box, pink duct tape and a large blanket later...we have designed the ultimate ghetto baby bedroom. :)
The Ghetto Baby Bedroom
Short of putting up tin foil in the window, which would have been AWESOME, I think we came up with just about the worst looking alternative for that room. (In case you are wondering about the blanket, it is a t-shirt quilt my mom (Grammy) had made for me out of my college and sorority t-shirts and such. There are also pictures screen printed onto fabric on some of the squares.) I am just thankful that it is a short-term issue and soon, I will have my nice, guest bedroom back to normal. So, if you come over to our house anytime soon, ignore my decorating in the guest room. (Jill, I know it pains you to see this and you probably could have come up with a much better looking alternative...but hey, it cost me $0.00) So, if you would like some ghetto baby me. :)
As I said before, Grammy was visiting for a couple of days and we were so happy to see her. She got to meet Christy and see all of the great progress and changes we have made to benefit the girls. The girls were SOOOO cranky when they got up after their 1:00 pm nap today, and I think it was because Grammy had to leave. :) We will see her again in another week when we head up to Gunter for Christmas. Yeay!
Grammy with Baylee Boo...happy as long as she is being held

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