Sunday, July 25, 2010

Separation Anxiety

I'm not going to sugar coat totally sucks. The girls' separation anxiety has been going on for about the past 3-4 months and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. They say it is just a phase but I'm starting to doubt this phasing out.

Let me paint a picture for you. Our morning starts out like this: I get the girls up, feed them, dress them, we go to the living room to play. I make sure I have my phone and water ready to go in the playroom, because all hell will break loose if I try to get up and walk away from them once we have made it to the playroom in the morning. I get down on the floor of the playroom and play with the girls before their breakfast time. I usually try to have it ready to go in the kitchen before they wake up in the morning because if I have to get up and walk away from them for more than 5 seconds they go absolutely crazy. I mean...CRAZY! I can't even act like I am going to get up and walk away from them or else it is an all out tantrum. Usually, it is just Reagan or Addie, but Baylee has her days where she won't let me do anything either.

Bathroom break, forget it. If I want to eat lunch, I either wait until they go down for their nap at 1:30 pm or I have to listen to three little girls crying their eyes out at the gate of the playroom until I come back. If I have to go answer the front door, I am sure whoever is at the door is wondering what the heck I am doing to those babies because it sounds like they are all in physical pain. When I start to put them down for their naps, whoever is 2nd or 3rd is usually crying their heart out and covered in snot and tears when I come back to start someone else for naptime.

Recently, the momma attachment has gotten worse. Now, if I am anywhere near their sight, no one else can console them. Just yesterday, Addie was crying because I put her down on the floor to tend to something and Brent picked her up to try to calm her down, he walked around with her, tried to make her laugh and play with her, she kept holding her arms out wanting to come to me and when I finally gave in and took her from him she calmed down right away. Same thing today, Reagan wouldn't stop crying and she didn't stop until I picked her up and held her.
Yeah, it kind of felt good that they only wanted their Mommy about the first 2 it is just draining.

If I do, by chance, sneak away while they are distracted and playing, I have to make sure they don't see me again until I am ready to come sit down with them and play. Yes, I have been known to army crawl across the living room floor from our bedroom to their nursery just so they don't see me and I can get a few things done around the house. I have to sneak from behind one piece of furniture to the is so draining.

I'm exhausted tonight, all three girls were so cranky today. We spent the afternoon over at Gran and Grandaddy's house and when we got home they were all in such bad moods and I was at the end of my rope. Addie and Reagan wouldn't stop crying unless they were in my lap. Yes, we put them to bed a little early tonight just so I could get a break for a little while.

I hope this phase ends soon because three babies screaming and crying at you all day, just flat wears you out. Most days, I can take everything in stride and deal with it until Brent gets home and I have some help, but I have to admit that some days I am a complete crazy lady by the time he gets home. A momma can only take so much.

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