Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and 10 Months Old!

After Brent and I returned from our trip to Oregon, we spent the 4th of July weekend at Grammy and Pop's house with our family including Gran and Grandaddy, Grammy and Pop, Aunt Missy and Uncle Clark, Aunt Mandy and Uncle Tim and cousins CJ, Mark and Peyton. We had a great time cooking out and spending time with family on this great holiday. Last year on the 4th, Brent and I were at home alone because I was on bedrest. I love spending the 4th with our family so that was really hard on me. This year, we celebrated with three precious baby girls! Since it rained Saturday night, we stayed an extra night at Grammy and Pop's so we could watch Uncle Clark's fireworks extravaganza and Butterfinger ice cream, a family tradition! It was great!
The Huse Family on the 4th
Baylee threw a huge fit when I tried to put her star clip in her hair so she doesn't have one in like the other girls...:) Her hair has gotten a wave to it like mine is naturally where Addie and Reagan's hair is super straight and getting pretty long on top.
Pop and Grammy with the girls...
Grandaddy and Gran with the girls...
The girls turned 10 months old today! They are getting so big and they are always super CUTE!
Baylee, Reagan and Addison
Baylee escaping...

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