Friday, July 23, 2010

New Developments

Well, we have three crawlers now! Addie and Reagan started army crawling earlier in the week and are now getting up on their knees and crawling to get things. Baylee is close to cruising, she usually ends up flat on her booty but she is adventurous and has no fear so far. :)
We also have some teeth! Addie is getting 1 and Baylee is getting 2. Reagan is definitely teething but nothing has popped through her gums yet. We have only had one rough night with Baylee so far and it really wasn't all that bad. She just ended up going to bed around 10 pm instead of 7 pm like usual because of some pain she was having, but after the meds kicked in she thought it was party time with Mommy and Daddy so Daddy promptly put her to bed.
Watching "Shrek the Third" with Daddy before bedtime...

A few pics of the girls from earlier this week...
Baylee, weird face :)
Poor Addie, upset face :(
Reagan, sweetie!
Addie, mommy's honey
Ohhh, blue eyes
Baylee, snotty :) - Baylee has very sensitive skin on her face..any food or snot or just her rubbing her face on her sheets at night can cause her to get red, rashed cheeks. It goes away within a day, but she looks pretty red when it flares up.
Addie, upset again...
She's ok now ;)
Baylee, climbing all over me, I'm her personal play gym...
I love this face Reagan makes...she usually adds flapping her arms and kicking her legs like crazy when she gets really excited. So cute!
Blue eyes again...sweet girl
Baylee Boo...smiling for the camera
Such a cheezer!

She found the camera strap...

Uh-oh...Baylee's upset...
Laying her head down, sobbing
And she's back!
Reagan again

We are looking forward to the arrival of our newest nephew, Luke Payne, very, very soon. And we are looking forward to the girls' 1st birthday party! I can't wait to see their faces when we put Grammy's cakes in front of them. :)

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