Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend was the girls' Aunt Elizabeth's wedding to Adam Crews. We loaded up the girls and our packed car (for two nights stay in a hotel) and headed to Fort Worth on Friday. Grammy and Pop met us there to take care of the girls while Brent and I did our duties as a bridesmaid and groomsman in the wedding. Thank you Grammy and Pop!!!
Thankfully, Gran and Grandaddy made sure we had adjoining rooms to Grammy's room so we could spread out the stuff and keep the girls separated for naps and bedtime. The girls did pretty well adjusting to the hotel rooms and we kept them on schedule for the most part.
The wedding was beautiful! Only one out of the three girls made it through the ceremony. Addie and Baylee had to be taken out of the sanctuary to the lobby until it was over. Thank you Pam and Eskew family for helping with the girls during the wedding! They were so tired but we did the best we could to have them in the family pictures the professional photographer took. After some quick pictures with the girls, Grammy and Pop loaded them up and took them to the reception.
Our little exhausted trio only spent about 20 to 30 minutes at the reception. As soon as the loud music and clapping started they freaked out a little and I had to rush Reagan out to calm her down. It was downhill from there, as soon as the buffet lines opened all of the guests came by to see the girls and Reagan was so tired all she could do was cry when anyone smiled at her. I finally had to take her out to the lobby to get her to calm down and stop crying.
We had some late nights over the weekend so on Sunday, Brent and I both felt a little hungover...not so much from drinking because we didn't really drink that much, but more from lack of sleep.
We would have gotten more pictures but I remembered everything except to charge the camera battery before we left the house. Oops. It died on us right about the time Elizabeth and her Dad started the Father-Daughter dance...dang!
My birthday was Sunday and the girls' "Aunt" Jill offered to watch the trio for us while Brent took me to lunch. We dropped them off and went to have Mexican food while the girls were playing with Jill, her husband, Randy, and her mom, Cynthia. By the time we got back the girls were ready for a nap in the car on the way home. Traffic kept us on the road longer than we would have liked so we still had to endure the extreme crying from Baylee on the way home.
But it was all worth it when we got home and the girls had a great night back in their own beds. They slept from 7pm last night until 7:30 am this morning. What a great birthday present!
Reagan during playtime
Addie during playtime
Baylee in her new favorite thing

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