Friday, January 29, 2010

We LOVE Christy!!!

It isn't February yet, but it's close enough! And since February is the "love" month, I thought I would do a month of posts about the things we L-O-V-E. :)
So for my first post, I will shout it from the rooftops, we LOVE Christy!
Christy with Reagan, Addison and Baylee
I've been telling everyone for weeks that Christy was coming back and she is here! We love having her here, not only do Brent and I get full nights of sleep (Hooray!) but the girls progress and progress in their sleep training.
Addison and Reagan slept 12 hours last night and Baylee woke up a few times due to the huge thunderstorm we had. Christy said Baylee would jump and start crying each time a huge clap of thunder would hit and it was LOUD last night. So if it hadn't been for that, Baylee would have slept great as well.
Christy playing with Reagan, Baylee and Addison
This week Christy and I are working to move the girls to a 3 hour rotating schedule starting around 7 or 8 am. I would like to get the girls up at 8 am each day so their bedtime would then be 8 pm. An 8 pm bedtime gives Brent more time in the evenings to spend with his girls after work, but so far, the girls love the 7 o'clock hour. They average getting up around 7 or 7:15 am each morning, which is fine, we are rolling with it. Eventually, they will be old enough to stay awake longer and spend the entire evening around dinner time with their Daddy. :)
So, for those interested, our new schedule goes a little something like this:
7:00 am - Wake to Feed, playtime
8:30 am - Nap
10:00 am - Wake to Feed, playtime
11:30 am -Nap
1:00 pm - Wake to Feed, playtime
2:30 pm - Nap
4:00 pm - Wake to Feed
5:30 pm - Nap
6:30 or 7:00 pm - Wake, bedtime routine
7:30 or 8:00 pm- Bedtime
If they wake up at 8 am any morning, we just push their schedule back an hour and give them a short catnap around dinner time so Brent and I can eat dinner when they get tired and need a nap.
We are also working on getting the girls to self-soothe with their fingers instead of a pacifier.
We have tried unswaddling them for a few naps, and thus far, haven't been too successful with this. We think the girls just really like to be swaddled up tight and it helps them stay asleep. Having both arms out of the swaddle for naps just allows them more opportunities to smack themselves in the face and wake up WAILING haha! So, we are going to do some more intense training on that next week.
Christy with the crew :)
Baylee is doing AWESOME with her new, improved tongue. She is already using a #2 nipple on all of her bottles as are Reagan and Addison. She has a white stripe under her tongue where they cut and you can tell that it is healing very well.
Baylee - half smile :)
She is happy and loves sticking out her tongue and making all kinds of "la" and "luh" sounds. :) We are still dosing her with some Tylenol because she seems to get bothered by her tongue before naps, we think because it is still sore. But she is really doing great with it and much better than we expected.
We also love it when Christy is here because Brent and I get to do things we hardly ever get to do. Last night we went to dinner together! It was POURING outside, but we figured we could make it to the door of the restaurant without an umbrella. Here is what Brent looked like when we finally got inside...HAHA! SOAKED! Those aren't shadows on his shirt, that is a bib of rain. :) And tonight, we are happily going to a movie together...AT THE THEATRE! I know...the little things get me all excited these days!
L-O-V-E to you all and Happy Birthday to my awesome sister and SUPERMOM, Missy!

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  1. Thanks Shell!
    The girls look so happy and I am very glad that you got some time alone!!!