Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Months Old & A Few of Our Favorite Things

The girls will be 4 months old how the time flies. Brent and I were looking at pictures of the girls from a few days after they were born and we were just amazed at how much they have changed. We don't even recognize them from those old pictures anymore. I thought I would share some of the "then" pictures and the "now" pictures I took of the girls this morning.

Baylee Brynn - 6 Days Old Baylee Brynn - 4 Months Old

Addison Ann - 6 Days Old
Addison Ann - 4 Months Old

Reagan Riley - 6 Days Old
Reagan Riley - 4 Months Old

The girls today in the cute onesies their Great Mamaw and Papaw gave them for Christmas!

A Few Of Our Favorite Things (Right Now)
1. Cute Bow Holders
The girls' Great Aunt Susan gave them these CUTE bow holders for Christmas. We just love them! The girls like to gaze at the little feathers floating in the breeze on the wall. Love, love them! Now we just need to fill them up with BOWS!

2. BumpName by InchBug
The girls' Gran gave them these neat rubber bands with their names etched into them that we use to distinguish whose bottle is whose before, during and after feedings. I was constantly picking up all of the bottles and then when I sat down to record who ate how much I would think "Dang, whose bottle was this?!" Not anymore. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and they also help us keep the bottles in place when we prop them for feedings because they are rubber. This would be a fantastic gift for a new mom, or a mom with a child or children in daycare as they need to keep track of bottles and cups and all kinds of things like that and of course any mom of multiples. :)

3. My CrockPot!
This is my re-newed favorite thing! I really don't have time to make dinner in the evenings. Even though the girls go down for a nap around 5:30, the nap is rocky at best, and they usually only make it to 6:00 or 6:30 before they are ready to get up. So even if I did have time to make dinner before Brent made it home around 5:45 or 6:00 each night, we wouldn't have time to eat it until after the girls are in bed around 7:30 or 8:00. I decided to try to use my crockpot more to save time in the evenings and I just love it. I can throw everything in at 8 am and leave it on low for 10 hours and then dinner is ready when we are ready for it. My mom gave me the "Fix it and Forget It" Cookbook one Christmas and we are going to be sampling a few recipes out of it this week. I made a bar-b-q brisket in it last week that I thought was fantastic! Brent thought it needed more flavor :). He said, "Your mom's brisket always has so much flavor..." Well, I think it is the Claude's Marinade that mom uses so I guess I will be using that next time. :)

4. Our PlayStation 3!
You might be asking yourself, "Whaaaaat? Michelle, I didn't think you were much of a video gamer..." Well, I'm not. :) Brent originally bought our PS3 for the Blueray capability because we watch a lot of movies and Brent likes the best picture possible (you know men...). But recently we discovered that we can RENT movies through our PlayStation 3. REALLY! We can! Our PS3 is hooked up to our wireless Internet network at home and Brent created an account with the PlayStation store and we can download entire New Released movies to our PS3 and we have 14 days to watch them. Awesome, right?! No more going to Blockbuster or the Red Box down the street and then having to worry about returning them on time. We watched two movies over the weekend (in stages during nap times :)) and the rental prices are just what you would get at Blockbuster but no driving and no returning. Love it! I bet Brent never thought he would catch me saying that I love our PS3. Haha!


  1. It is truly amazing! Their sweet smiles just make me melt!

  2. Michelle, this may or may not have some additional recipes you can use but check it out if you have a chance!

    Glad to see the girls are doing so well, they are little Blessing. Keep taking lots of pics and making memories, 'cause before you know it-they will be 9-like mine! God Bless, Donna