Saturday, January 23, 2010

This and That

Just a few funny tidbits from the past few weeks...
Brent and I at the grocery store a few weeks ago-
Young Teenage Cashier after he scans a 24 oz. can of formula (we had 5 on our cart) " that formula? Man, that is expensive!"
Brent - "Yes....yes, it is."
Teenage Cashier - "How long does a can like that last you?"
Me - "Well, for us, not very long."
Brent - "We have triplets."
Teenage Cashier - "Triplets! Wow, so how long does one can last you?"
Me - "One day."
Teenage Cashier - "A can a day! Wow, that's expensive!"
Brent and I both - "Yes, yes it is."
Brent to me as we are walking out of the grocery store - "We just blew that kids' mind."

Our girls chit chatting during playtime
Today was our Saturday together. I hate to say it, but most days I don't get up early enough to get fully done up after a night in and out of bed for feedings. I am lucky enough to get a shower and get makeup on before the day is through.
So, today, after I was still in my pajamas at noon, Brent said,"Honey, do you want me to take care of this feeding so you can go get dressed?" Haha! I said, "Are you saying that because most days you come home and I'm not fully dressed, still in my comfy clothes with no makeup? Or are you really trying to be nice?" He said he was just trying to be hidden meaning :). So, I said, "Sure! I would love to go get ready while you take care of the girls."
About 30 minutes later Brent came into our bathroom to find me and there I was...soaking in a bubble bath. I decided to fully take advantage of the situation and go all out. I spent the entire hour and fifteen minutes soaking and getting ready at my own pace and with no interruptions. It was fantastic!
Reagan sweetie
Mommy and Addie Bear
My sweet Addie
Baylee Boo smiling away. We are pretty sure she is going to be a morning person :) just like her Daddy. I believe Addie and Reagan will be more like me. Give me some time to wake up and then I will be cheery. :)

We are looking forward to this week and not looking forward to this week all at the same time.

First, the good part, Christy is coming back. Yeay! The girls have been doing really well, but I am looking forward to them sleeping through the entire night. Then maybe I can get a full 8-9 hours of sleep at night and feel refreshed enough in the morning to get up early and get ready before they wake up each day. Last night was a very good night, Baylee and Addie ate once and Reagan went all night without a feeding. I joked to Brent that all the really good nights happen when he is able to help me on the weekends. They can't possibly have one of those really great nights when I am doing night feedings alone during the week. ;)

Second, the not so good and good part, Baylee is getting her tongue clipped. We are so happy she is getting this done for many reasons. One, we know she will eat better and gain weight at the same pace as her sisters. Two, we know it will be better to get this done when she is very young so she won't remember a thing. Three, we are pretty sure this issue would cause her speech development problems in the future. She already doesn't "talk" to us as much as Reagan and Addison do. But, all that being said, I am not looking forward to having to keep her from eating if she is hungry from the hours of midnight to 7:30 am. I am also not looking forward to how she is going to feel immediately afterward. And, I am REALLY not looking forward to having to hand my baby girl over for the procedure. That is going to be really, really hard on me and this is just a tiny little procedure. I can't imagine what a wreck I would be if she had to have a major surgery for something.

Love to you all!

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