Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Huse Christmas 2010

Christmas Day, after our chaotic morning, we headed to West, TX to spend the rest of Christmas Day and that night with Gran, Grandaddy, Uncle Adam and Aunt Elizabeth at Gran and Grandaddy's house. It was definitely a change of pace with the girls being the only three kids.
Gran cooking up a storm!

Stockings hung with care... The Huse Christmas Tree Elizabeth, Gran and Baylee Opening stockings...The girls, by far, loved the boxes of animal crackers they got in their stockings the best...this is Baylee shaking the crap out of her box :) Brent, Baylee and Elizabeth
Adam opening his stocking
Baylee was having THE BEST time taking all the bows off of EVERY gift LOL! We started sticking them all over her...she was having so much fun! Addie getting in on the bow fun...they like to stick bows in their hair but they won't keep them there! Opening gifts all together... The aftermath... Baylee got so excited she threw up all over her shirt, hence she is nakey now :) and helping Brent pick up paper Reagan loving all the new toys!
Brent testing out his new sleeping bag for camping BOWS! Here she is sitting on top of boxes again... Sweet Addie! Addie and Reagan helping Brent open gifts... Baylee snuggling with Grandaddy after her nap...

We had so much fun spending time with our family during Christmas this year. The girls absolutely loved running around checking out new toys and playing with wrapping paper and bows. I can't wait until next year when maybe they will better understand the concept of "Santa." :)

This Christmas seemed to sneak up on us SO FAST and then it was over just as quickly. I'm hoping next year we can slow down a little and enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. Then again, "slow down" may not be in our vocabulary. ;)

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