Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chambers Christmas 2010

I apologize for not posting in so long. Our December just seemed to completely get away from me and we have had quite the roller coaster ride as you will see in my posts over the next few days.
So to kick off my return to blogging in 2011, I'll start with updating everyone on our Christmas, which started at Grammy and Pop's house Christmas Eve.
We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning this year at Grammy and Pop's and the best way to describe our Christmas with 8 grandchildren under the age of 5....WHIRLWIND!
We started Christmas Eve with some pictures before heading out to the Candlelight Service at FUMC Sherman, TX.
The girls only lasted about a total of 10 minutes at the candlelight service until we decided it was time to go before chaos ensued. Ahhh well, we can always try again next year.

Grammy with her Huse Gals...

Our Family...all decked out for Christmas Eve Grammy's Tree...all shatterproof and non-breakable ornaments this year :) Grammy's Mantel...Look at all of those stockings filled to the brim!!! I loved this idea mom had. She made a wreath out of all of our childhood ornaments collected over the years and hung it from a stand in her dining room...See that gingerbread man on the left with my name on it? My 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Goodwin, gave that to me :).

After the girls were snuggled in their pack 'n plays for a good nights rest, Christmas morning came and we had a great breakfast and waited for the whole gang to arrive.

Opening stockings...cute hats from "Santa" that he got on his vacation to California ;) Precious Addison The Payne Family, Tim, Mandy and baby Luke opening presents :) Reagan opening gifts in my lap, of course Baylee - "I like to sit on top of boxes." Baylee - "Hey Peyter, why don't you let me help you with that one?" "Here, you really need to dig in there!"
Peyter-tot - "Hey, what's the big idea cousin?! This is my Christmas gift."
The aftermath CJ checking out his gifts Addison and Reagan saying Hi to Luke and Aunt Mandy and helping clean up paper

It was a crazy Christmas morning. With that many little ones running around you don't get to see anyone else open their gifts, you are just lucky to keep up with your own and keep your kids from running off with someone else's stuff. Haha! It sure is fun though, and will be even more fun as all of the cousins get older and can really start to play together. That will be the time when you will find all the parents and grandparents out on the back porch relaxing with a drink in hand after a crazy Christmas morning like this.


  1. i found your blog on "multiples and more" and your girls are PRECIOUS!! i saw on your little sidebar you and your husband met at baylor so i kept reading and saw you still live in too!! my hubby and i went to baylor too!! i have twin boys that were born in july 2009 and one of them was in the NICU @ hillcrest as well. maybe we could have a playdate sometime!! come visit my blog and maybe we can chat!!

  2. I'll treasure these precious moments forever~