Monday, June 29, 2009


I used to be the best sleeper. Anyone can tell you, I could fall asleep anywhere at any time and be able to sleep through the entire night. All of that has changed. Sleeping has become more of a frustration for me than something I look forward to. Here's a little peek into what my evenings are like now that I am pregnant with triplets...

9:30 or 10:00 pm - Start getting ready for bed, take Sudafed so I can breathe while I sleep
10:15 or 10:30 pm- Get in bed, line pillows up on my right, arrange body pillow on my left
10:45 pm - Brent is asleep, quietly snoring next to me...jealous
10:45 pm - I roll to my left, arrange body pillow, check clock
11:00 pm - Uncomfortable, roll to my back, slowly over to my right, arrange pillows between my legs and under my arm
11:30 pm - Right leg is twitching...Restless Leg Syndrome? What To Expect While You Are Expecting says this can happen in pregnancy
12:00 am - Try to get my mind to stop racing, try to visualize an empty sky and count
12:30 am - Roll to my back, slowly over to my left, arrange body pillow...still wide awake, leg twitching, check clock
12:45 am - Check clock, get out of bed, take pillow to living room, arrange myself on the couch and read a little out of my Kindle
1:45 am - Decide to try to get back in bed, maybe I am exhausted by now
1:55 am - Use the bathroom so I don't have to get up again in an hour, haul myself back in bed, arrange pillows, prop my head up on two pillows, try to relax
2:15 am - Uncomfortable again, leg twitching, counting...28, 29, 30...
2:45 am - Check clock, roll to my back, slowly over to my right, arrange pillows, try to relax
Finally fall asleep sometime in the AM
4:20 am - Wake to painful need to use the bathroom, on the way back to bed, blow my nose...can't breathe again
4:25 am - Haul myself back into bed, arrange pillows, relax, fall back asleep
6:25 am - Brent wakes me with a kiss goodbye, he's off to work, fall back asleep
8:00 am - Wake to my alarm, time to get my computer set up, get some breakfast ready and start work for the day from my bed

Some nights are better than others...some nights are worse. All of the pregnancy books like to say that sleeping problems during pregnancy are just Mother Nature's way of getting you ready to be up all night with the new baby (in our case, babies). True as that may be, it doesn't make me like it.
Maybe someday, in 5 or 6 years, I will gain my lovely sleep back...maybe someday.

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  1. I'm sorry honey but I couldn't help but snicker! Not at your plight but at the cute way you described it!!! Welcome to motherhood! There will be many sleepless nights ahead; one is sick (or all 3) , then they will be fighting, then there will be ghosts hiding under their beds, then they will be trying to sneak out, then they will be spending the night away from home, then they will be at summer camp, then their boyfriends will be breaking up with them, then they will be driving at night, then they will be late coming home from a date, then they will be going off to college, then they will call and tell you that they are getting married, and THEN they will call and tell you that they are pregnant and oh by the way it's triplets!!!!
    Hope I made you laugh because I just made myself cry!!!