Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Appointment Today!

We had another doctor's appointment this morning. All is well! We didn't get to see Dr. Beaird, our regular doctor, because he is on vacation this week. :( So instead, we got to meet Dr. Dunn and we liked him a lot as well. My weight gain is on track and my blood pressure is just right. My belly is measuring at 35 weeks, and I will be 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Dr. Dunn informed us that I will start experiencing the symptoms of a 40 week singleton pregnancy (tell me something I don't already know.) Currently, I am having a hard time breathing and sleeping. I can't get comfortable in any position. I find myself taking deep breaths every once and a while...plus I am congested all the time so that makes things even worse. Dr. Dunn told us that I may have to start sleeping propped up on pillows or even in a recliner (thank goodness we have that comfy recliner on order honey, I am thinking I am going to need it.)
Our next appointment is with our High Risk Doctor, Dr. Allen, in Temple on July 1st. In this next appointment, we will see the babies in detail and get to check on their growth and progress since our last appointment. So stayed tuned for that update.

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  1. That's great honey. So the cervical reserve was fine? We will see you in a couple of weeks!