Monday, March 14, 2011

28th Birthday

We spent last weekend celebrating my 28th birthday with my family at my parents' house in Gunter, TX. The girls are getting big enough to play on the huge play set my parents have and they just wore themselves completely out Friday and Saturday playing until they were ready to drop.

The girls went up and down, and up and down this slide until they were just so tired they couldn't climb the ladder anymore.
You can't see them very well in this picture, so I am posting this link to the play shoes Grammy got for the girls. They are by IPlay and we LOVE them! The girls would hardly take them off. They are made from a Crocs-like material and are waterproof, completely kid proof. They are pink and soooo cute! They come in all kinds of cute colors. We will definitely be getting more of these!

The girls had a great time playing with cousins and running around Grammy and Pop's house exploring all weekend.

All of us with the cake my Mom (Grammy) made for my birthday...this was just as Baylee was sticking her toes into one of the roses on the back of the cake. LOL Oops!
Thank you, Grammy and Pop, for having the whole family over to celebrate my 28th birthday. We love you!

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