Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mayborn Museum

My sister, Missy, brought her family down to Waco for a night over the weekend and we met them at the Mayborn Museum Sunday afternoon to have some fun. 4 adults and 7 kids under the age of times! :) This was our first trip to the Mayborn Museum on Baylor campus and we will definitely be going back. I had to practically tear Reagan away from the bumper cars room when the place was closing down! They LOVED it!
First, let me apologize for the quality of these pics. I, of course, got out of the house Sunday without the good camera so all I had was my iphone.

Brent with our nephews CJ and Mark learning about how the weathermen do it

CJ doing the news :) Our girls riding around in the choo choo for the first few parts of the museum Mark, still checkin out himself on TV :) so cute!

CJ playing with the weather ball

Ahhh, they grow up so fast :) Addie on the school bus

I tried to get a pic with all 3 in the windows but they were so excited it just wasn't happening...
Baylee Boo!
Peyton driving the firetruck with Addison hanging out the front

Baylee, I will show her these pictures when she really is able to drive. Adorable!

Addie taking a turn driving...that's my girl

Sweetie pie!

Reagan taking a turn at the wheel

Cutie Reagan!
Sweet, sweet Mackenzie Faith! Poor baby was trying to get some peace and quite to eat and it just wasn't happening with all those crazy kids running around screaming.
Their favorite thing, ever. The bumper cars room.
CJ, our oldest nephew. Sweetie!
Baylee, where's the gear shift in this thing?

A pic of the full-blown chaos

After the Mayborn Museum we took all the kids out to eat at Ninfa's. Crazy, I know. But Ninfa's in Waco always accommodates us well and they FOR SURE stuck us back in the party room all by ourselves. :) Missy said it was a blessing but also a curse because Peyton and Mark just went wild running around the room after dinner. The girls were laughing watching them go nuts. :)

We had a great dinner and left a HUGE 7 kid mess. Sorry Ninfa's busboy!

I have to add this little tidbit of hilarity about our walk out of Ninfa's that night. Out in front of Ninfa's there are a few patches of grass before you get to the parking lot. We are all walking to our cars and I hear Missy yell, "MARK!" and we all turn around to see Mark has dropped trow in the grass, with his shirt raised ready to relieve himself for all the parking lot and passersby to witness. Brent and I were cracking up because, well, we have girls so this won't be something we see all the time. Missy and Clark just looked like, oh, this happens all the time, no biggie. So funny!

One thing to add, we have been so busy getting our house on the market to sell that I haven't had time to blog about our news about the new baby. Brent and I discovered a few weeks ago that we are, in fact, having another girl! Brent has seen so many ultrasounds after having the trio that he could tell that it was a girl on the screen before the tech even checked for gender. :) I have already picked out some amazing fabrics for Grammy to get her creativity going on the nursery bedding for the new baby. It's going to be beautiful! Now we just need to pick out a name....more to come on that as soon as we have a decision made. :)

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  1. Great pictures even for an I-phone! Great place for the kids to explore. I'm anxious to get pictures of all our grand babies playing together. Luke and Mackenzie will be mixing it up with the rest of them before we turn around. Then little Miss ??? will join the fun and who knows from there. There's still room on my picture wall! I heard the Marky story a little differently though. Something about a zipper falling down. Poor Marky!