Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Definitely Not Optimal Conditions For This

The setting for today was all wrong for what I got the whim to take on by myself. I guess I was overly tired and getting a little crazy.
The girls had been playing fine this morning but when it came to naptime, they resisted...BIG TIME! I only got a 45 minute nap out of Addie and Reagan and Baylee woke up after 45 minutes but after I let her sleep in our bed she slept for another hour. So while Addie and Reagan were running around the living room like crazy, I thought to myself, "We've got to get out of this house this afternoon or I am going to lose it!" And I was saving my trip to the grocery store for this evening, something I regularly do during Mother's Day Out on Tuesdays, but no MDO this week because of Midway Spring Break...sad Michelle :(.
I thought, "I am going to be WAY too tired tonight to go to the grocery store....hmmmm" and then it hit me. I'll take the girls, what's the worst that could happen?
Proof we were there and everyone is surviving :) in the TP aisle, nonetheless. Give these girls a box of tissue to hold on to and they are content.

Addie got the job of sitting in the basket because she is the most likely to listen to Mommy when I tell her to sit down on her bottom :).

I have to say, the only reason this worked was because I didn't have a huge list so I had plenty of room in the basket for a child as well as groceries. The hardest part of this adventure was unloading the car and trying to keep the girls contained while running bags in the house as they were playing in the garage.

Maybe I'll attempt this again at some point, when I am losing my mind a little but most definitely NEVER with the addition of Baby #4. :)

I will also add that the girls were VERY well behaved. There wasn't any fussing at all even without much of a nap and they didn't cry when little old ladies stopped us to gawk at them. And I only got a few, "Oh my God, TRIPLETS!" as I rushed the cart by with a small smile.

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  1. They couldn't be more precious! Any they aren't even grabbing extra snacks off the shelves! Good job honey for tackling this new adventure. Now you know you can do it! And just think of all the people you made smile with three precious little girls!