Friday, November 12, 2010

Miss Mischief

We always had a feeling Baylee was going to be the ringleader of our own little circus, but lately she has been into EVERYTHING! Here are just a few things Baylee has done lately or likes to do on a regular basis that keep me on my toes.
Baylee is always carrying books around with her.

2 Books in hand!
Everywhere she goes, she has one or two sometimes three books in hand. She also likes to put these books in places where they don't belong for us to find later. The trash, the diaper pail, the bath, the laundry hamper, etc.
One toy and one book ready to be disposed of...
Every time I empty their laundry hamper, I have to make sure I sift through everything to find all the little treasures she has thrown in with the laundry. The record so far is 3 books and 4 small toys.
Aladdin, "A" Book, "Q" Book and 4 small toys from one load of laundry...
The other night Brent and I were getting ready to start bathtime and he ran the bath water like he usually does. He put Baylee in the bath and then realized at some point she had thrown 2 small Disney books into the tub...Bambi and Cinderella were soaked and ruined. Ahhh well.
Baylee also likes to move furniture around. I often find kitchen chairs pushed across the room or pushed all together.
Where I usually find one or more kitchen chairs...and a few toys...

When there is silence, I jump up and go find out what they are getting into. Here's what we found when Brent and I weren't paying attention the other day. A whole box of Kleenex. :)
Baylee has also taken to throwing little tantrums here and there. She likes to throw herself down on the ground or if you are carrying her she tries to wriggle out of your hands or throw her arms up to drop out of your grasp. I often just put her down and let her throw her little fit until she calms down, but sometimes she likes to throw herself into things like a table leg or tile floor so I try not to let her have a tantrum where she can hurt herself. The other night I was telling Brent, "I really hope she never does that in public, because then we are 'those parents', the ones that can't control their misbehaving kid." and Brent said, "Oh, it's gonna happen, so just start preparing yourself."
Baylee may be a handful in and of herself but she is also the sweetest, cutest, funniest little Baylee. She makes us laugh all the time and she is Mommy's little nap buddy. If she wakes up early or doesn't want to go down for a nap, I'll bring her into my bed and she cuddles right up and goes to sleep.
Baylee also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her Maddie Puppy from Grammy. She has to have it to sleep and she carries it around with her everywhere.
She loves to hug on her Daddy and when he comes home she runs up to grab both legs for a big hug until he picks her up. Baylee also loves her sisters but she especially loves making them laugh. :)
Miss Addison

Miss Reagan

So, Miss Mischief continues to run around with all of her curiosity throwing caution to the wind...I may need to medicate myself when we get to 2 years old. Haha!

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  1. This is a precious description of our little Baylee! Can't wait to see how you show Miss Addie and Miss Reagan's personalities. My guess....Miss Addie the lover bug and Miss Reagan the giggle box!