Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 and some other stuff...

Here's just a little of what the girls have been up to lately...Saturday morning we wanted to get some music going in the house so we put it on CMT for some country music videos. Baylee loves her some Kenny Chesney...hopefully you can view this video I got of her dancing to Kenny before she caught me taping her and refused to perform. :)
***Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the blog page and pause the music player before viewing the video if you would like to hear the sound on the video.

"Mommy....what's the 'grocery store'?" I figured, one day, I would get this question from one of the girls because they just don't go to the grocery store with all. Well, I decided to change that and start taking one of the girls to the store with me on the weekends when I go. It gives me some one-on-one time with the girls, gives Daddy a break only watching two little ones, and gives me some fun pretending I am a mommy of one. Let me tell ya, you don't draw near as much attention with just one kid. Reagan still got the smiles and hellos, mostly from the older shopping crowd, because let's face it...she's just so darn CUTE! And she was the perfect little baby girl at the grocery store. No fussing or screaming, mainly I think because she was just in shock and awe of this place she had never been before. She did put up a little fuss, though, when I picked out bananas for the week. They LOOOOVE bananas!

Reagan with Mommy at the grocery store
Finally, we get to the Halloween pictures! Yeay! I made their outfits. I found some fabric online that looks like sprinkles and cut it out to attach around the collars of their shirts. I ordered their cherry knit hats online from Brent helped me attach the cut out bananas to the sides of their choo choo wagon to complete the "banana split" ensemble. Gran and Grandaddy came over before we left for trick or treating and took these pictures for us.

Reagan (vanilla), Baylee (chocolate) and Addison (strawberry) The girls in their banana wagon :)
We went over to the McKowns' house to trick or treat with Matthew, who was the cutest little garden gnome I have ever seen!!!

Matthew, makin' a haul and lovin' every minute of it!

We trick or treated with Matthew and his parents for less than an hour before Addie and Reagan had enough. They didn't nap this afternoon (Baylee did) and you could tell by the meltdowns they were having every few houses. It was fun though!

Pam walking Matthew and Brent walking Baylee up to a door to trick or treat
We had a great weekend and we hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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