Monday, October 11, 2010

Showers and Celebrations!

Last weekend was filled with fun times with our family. We spent the beginning of our weekend at Grammy and Pop's house so I could help host a baby shower for my sister, Missy. She is having her 4th and it's a GIRL! Brent was on baby duty while I attended the shower at Grammy and Pop's house. The shower was great and baby girl Miller got some really cute, girly things.
Here are some pictures of the newest Chambers grandbaby, Luke Payne, my sister Mandy's baby boy. He's such a sweetie!

Luke and his Mommy!
Luke and Aunt Susan
Luke with his Great-Mamaw
Me and my newest nephew

CJ showing off a gift for his "sissy" :)
Mackenzie's Maddie Puppy (all the grandchildren have one)
Sunday we got back to Waco in time to attend the 20th anniversary party for our NICU at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco. We asked Gran and Grandaddy to go with us and Grandaddy took all of these GREAT PICTURES! The party was held at the Cameron Park Zoo. We had a great time taking the girls around to see all of the animals and to see some of our fav NICU nurses and saying HI to Dr. Wheeler, our Neonatologist, again.
Some of Our favs: Lindsey, Candice, Nick and Kristi!
Dr. Wheeler

On our walk through the zoo, yes, a young woman actually said, "Hey lady, can I take a picture of your babies?" I said, "I'd rather you didn't, thanks."

On our way out, we added the girls' hand prints to the banner for the 20th Anniversary of the NICU.
A few pics from today...eatin bananas
With her mouthful!
Addie, not wanting to smile for me...
No pictures mommy!
Cheeser Baylee! She's getting her first top tooth! You can't see it here though :)
Cutie pie
Mmmmmmm, bananas
Giving the remote control a bath today....Baylee's idea...she likes to put things where they don't belong :)
We LOVE IT when Daddy gets home!
Reagan lovin on Daddy
I'll stay right here, thank you!

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