Friday, August 13, 2010


This pretty much sums up how our week has been...

That's right, Baylee, this week has really sucked!

Monday - Sick, sick, sick! All three girls are so sick and just miserable. Here's Reagan laying on me before their doctor's appointment on Monday. Poor baby! She felt awful! The imprint on her cheek is from laying on a button on my robe. :) Sweet baby...

Tuesday - Girls still really sick, but Gran comes over to help me with them so it provides a bright light and some relief.
Wednesday - Brent takes some of his buddies to the Rangers game Wednesday night and I have the Supper Club girls over for pizza and laughs...but there was no laughing while I was trying to get the triplets to bed. It was pretty much the worst night I have had trying to get them to bed without Brent here. Addie's separation and stranger anxieties have hit an all time high. If she sees someone she doesn't recognize, she instantly starts bawling...if that person tries to pick her up to hold her to make her feel better she loses it and starts to almost hyperventilate. It's really bad. So by the time I got to the point of feeding Addie and putting her down for bed, she was all worked up from the "new" people in the house and she wouldn't calm down. She was SO worked up that after I rocked her and fed her on the floor of the nursery she proceeded to projectile vomit all over me when I tried to put her down for bed. She was clinging to my shirt for dear life. I had to sit and rock her until she was almost asleep and then put her to bed and she STILL cried when I finally left the room.
Oh, and to add to all of this, the girls had horrible diarrhea starting today. Not sure what caused this but we want it to go away and fast! Baylee has the most sensitive skin you have ever seen. The first sign of diarrhea and her little bottom is raw from diaper rash. You can't change her diaper fast just gets worse and worse the longer the diarrhea lasts.
Thursday - Sickness and diarrhea continue and Gran comes over to help me with the girls again, thank the Lord!
Friday - Surprise! We have fleas in the house! I know, FLEAS! We don't even have dogs in the house, EVER! After I freak out about fleas, Brent arranges to have the house treated tomorrow morning and take the dogs to get their shots and get flea treatments as well. I have to have the girls out of the house for at least 4 hours after they treat so we are headed to Gran and Grandaddy's house while Brent takes care of our little problem. Ohhhhh, I can't wait for this week to be over and for our babies to start feeling a lot better.
Oh! and our disposal in the kitchen went out....and then proceeded to start leaking under the sink...GREAT! So, Brent's project on a Friday night, hop under the sink and change out the disposal. Happy weekend, honey! Are you relaxed yet?

My Handyman!

After only 1 trip to Home Depot, Brent returns and just starts laughing. I walked into the kitchen thinking there was a problem. Brent shows me that the vase he used to catch water under the sink has a big ole smiley face on it. It is funny when you think about it. You are doing plumbing on a Friday night, this is taking longer than you expected and you are getting a little stressed out and there is that big smiley face staring at you saying, "Don't happy" Haha! How could you be in a bad mood after that?

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  1. I know it's not funny but it still made me smile and laugh out loud. You both have the best attitudes even when you want to cry. Here you are snapping pictures, and those girls are probably thinking "WHAT is she doing?" Hang in there!