Friday, August 6, 2010


Wow, 11 months old...I can hardly believe it has been that long. Well, it sounds cliche but the past 11 months have just flown by. My little precious babies are now crawling all over this house, all over me and all over each other all day long. I thank God everyday that they are healthy and happy babies.
A little 11 month update - All of the girls are crawling, sitting on their own from crawling and pulling to stand. We are starting to work on balance and pretty soon taking steps toward walking. I have to keep reminding myself that the are actually only 9 months adjusted age and it is ok if they aren't walking by their 1st birthday, they will get there in time.
They like most foods that they have tried. Baylee will eat anything, Addie has a more discerning palette and Reagan falls somewhere in between on the spectrum. They love cookies and ice cream, what kids don't, right? We did have one incident with Addie and some avocado. I was feeding her some off of my plate in small pieces and she ate two with no problem, but I guess on the third piece she decided she wasn't going to swallow it and proceeded to make herself gag and vomit all over the floor and me in the process. Haha! Learned my lesson on that one.
They have gotten more independent in their playtime. They still have separation anxiety but I think it is getting a little better each steps. But, with that, they are now more aware of toys being taken away from them by one of their sisters and they have started to get really upset by it, but if I give them something else to take their attention away from what just happened they are usually fine.
They are becoming more aware of discipline and are very sensitive toward it. If I just say "NO" in a very stern voice and stare them down, most of the time they will change direction and go do something else, either that or they break down in sobs and crawl over to me to cuddle until they calm down. :)
They love their Daddy so much. When he comes home in the evenings it is a race to the gate in the playroom to see who can get to Daddy first. Baylee usually wins. :)
The girls are still doing great with sleeping. We are in the process of tweaking our evening routine to try to push bedtime later so the girls can actually sit down to dinner with us instead of us waiting to eat until they go to bed. I am just starting to think about how we are going to approach this so we haven't tried pushing bedtime later. I did try to only let Baylee nap for an hour and a half for her afternoon nap and that was a disaster. By bedtime, she was in full on meltdown mode...not pretty.
We are looking forward to the girls' birthday party in September. I am almost finished with all of the plans but I still have some special party favors to make.
Here are some pictures from the past few days...
Daddy and Addison
Reagan crawling to Daddy...
A little closer...
A little closer....
Ahhh she made it!!!
The girls coming to attack Mommy, Addie is upset about something :(
Baylee boo up close
The girls LOVE sitting underneath the feeding table and looking out the window in the playroom
Reagan sweetie!
Addie Bear!

Playing nicely together
Sweet smiles

Now some 11 month pictures!
This is as good as we could do with 3 girls trying to crawl away every second...
Polka Dots!

Matthew and his mom, Pam, came over for a little playdate and Pam was trying to help me take pictures. Matthew got in on the action as well! Such a little cutie!

Little man!
Reagan - "He's so dreamy..." Haha! I have like 10 pictures where she is just swooning over him.
Another funny!
Another one...
"Come here Matthew, gimmie a kiss!"
Sweet girls

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