Saturday, June 12, 2010

What A Crazy Week!

This past week has been just crazy for us and we are happy to have some time at home the rest of the weekend to relax and maybe go for a stroll in the neighborhood in the choo choo. :)
It all started on Sunday. Addison and Reagan were extremely constipated. I mean - BAD. They were screaming with pain and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it at that point. I was trying everything the doctor had told me to do if they ever did get constipated and they just weren't getting any relief. There is nothing worse as a parent to have to watch your little babies screaming in pain, looking at you like "What is going on?!" and there is nothing you can do. We fed the girls a bunch of prunes and some prune juice and they finally worked a little out of their system by Sunday evening but we still ended up taking them to the pedi on Monday just to get checked out to make sure there wasn't a large blockage somewhere inside that might cause more trouble. Addie had a HUGE poop right in examining room while we were waiting to see the pedi. I was like, "That just figures." :)

Also this week, I moved the girls to a new schedule during the day. Addie and Reagan really weren't getting a good afternoon nap anymore, someone was always waking up 45 minutes into a nap and not wanting to go back to sleep, so it was time to switch it up and have the girls take a short nap in the morning and a longer nap in the afternoon. Here is our new schedule for those of you that care or would like to know (the girls are a little over 9 months...7 months adjusted):

7 am - Rise and Shine
Morning Bottle
Dressed for the Day
Short playtime
Breakfast Solids (oatmeal with fruit)
9 am - Short Nap
10:30 am - Wake Up
11:30 am - Lunch Solids (yellow veggie and a fruit)
1:30 pm - Long Nap
4:00 pm - Wake Up
5:00 pm - Dinner Solids (Protein meal, green veggie and a fruit if they eat everything and are still hungry)
Low key playtime
5:45 -6:00 pm - 1/2 their 8 oz. bedtime bottle
More playtime and Daddy time
7:00 pm - Bedtime and the rest of their bottle

Addie and Baylee are drinking out of sip cups with straws now, Reagan is still working with the sippy with a silicon spout.
Thursday I got my hair done - YEAY! and the girls' "Aunt" Kim came over to watch them while I was out for a few hours. Thanks again Kim! Reagan was having a bad, bad day on Thursday. She wasn't happy AT ALL. I kept attributing it to teething, but after her helmet checkup on Friday, I may have come up with another reason for her crankiness. I think her head may have been's why. Reagan had a growth spurt since the last appointment we had, so her head circumference grew 5 millimeters! in 3 weeks. The guy at Star Cranial was amazed when I took her to Dallas on Friday morning. He measured her and remeasured her like 5 times just to be sure. He adjusted her helmet and gave her a lot more room to grow inside. Poor baby. We are so happy she is growing though...that means she will be out of the helmet very soon! They told us that if she keeps growing like she is now, she may be out of the helmet within another MONTH! Yeay! We are really looking forward to her next appointment on July 6th where she will have another scan of her head taken and we will get to see a comparison of the old shape compared to the new. Can't wait!
Also Friday, Brent was on bedtime duty alone while I went to West to help setup for Erin Ivy's baby shower. He did a great job putting the girls to bed by himself, he always does a great job taking care of them by himself. He's SUPERDAD!
Saturday, today, was the day of the baby shower. Brent took care of the girls while I left for the shower. When I got home around 1:30pm, the dishes were done, the baby laundry was washed and folded and he had started on our laundry, and he had changed NINE poopy diapers while I was gone. He deserves the "You are the Most Awesome Husband and Daddy EVER Award." I just need to find the perfect plaque ;).
Now, what you all have been waiting for...the pictures :).

Baylee, Reagan, Addison Reagan
Baylee and Addison
"Baylee - NO!" I say this a lot lately.
Poor Addie...LOLBaylee's sorry!
Addie! Baylee Boo
So cute!
Oh these eyes... Baylee
Reagan says "Yummy..."
Addison Baylee Reagan baby Addison, Baylee and Reagan
The girls paying attention to Sarah because she has the FOOD!
Daddy trying to get a picture of himself with Reagan...not going well
"I do not want to take pictures, Daddy!"
"Okay, fine, but I'm not smiling and I'm not looking at the camera."

Baylee before bedtimeAddie relaxing with Mommy before bedtime

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  1. What a great schedule! Now Gran and I will know exactly what to do and when. Can't wait to see the girls this Thursday. And then it will only be another week before they will come to Grammy's house.