Saturday, June 5, 2010

9 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girls are growing up SO FAST! They are 9 months old today. The girls are becoming very mobile. Baylee is doing a frog hop/crawl type of thing and is making her way around the playroom very easily. Addie and Reagan aren't far behind her. Both Reagan and Addie have said "mama" and "baba" but no "dada" yet. Baylee is still making her "rrrr"sounds but no Mama or Dada from her yet either. The girls are all eating well and have started using sippy cups. They are still getting the hang of those.
(We had the fan in the living room on at first and it was blowing her feathers straight up! It was too cute!)
Reagan and Addison

Reagan, Baylee and Addison

This would have been a nice pic...

Only 3 more months of party planning left!

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  1. Are those the feather clips from the bow holders? Those are hysterical and so cute!