Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Haircuts!

It was time. I had been putting this off long enough and trimming their bangs to the best of my ability, and honestly, I just wasn't cutting pun intended.
I made appointments at Kids Kuts in Waco for the girls this morning and overall they did very well. Baylee had the hardest time. I think she is very tender headed and having some stranger comb and tug at her hair wasn't very comfortable for her, but we got through it.
Baylee getting her hair cut...
The girls will be starting MDO again for the summer next Tuesday and they will be in a new class with new teachers and I really am worried about no one being able to tell Addie and Reagan apart.
Addison driving the Jeep...I think they need like a pink convertible or something for the girls...all they have is a Jeep
I mean, Brent and I have a hard enough time sometimes, how can we expect other people to know who is who when I DO dress them the same. (Side note: when they are old enough to care about what they are wearing, they will be able to choose what they want to wear, within reason. But, for now, it's just easier on me to only have to pick out one outfit each morning instead of three separate, equally cute outfits.)
Reagan being so good for her haircut...
So, I asked Brent last night what he thought about me cutting Addie or Reagan's hair a little shorter, like a cute little bob or something just so people can know at a glance who is who. He said, "You want to cut the length?! No, I don't want you to cut the length." So, that was that. Foot down, he wasn't budging. Plus, I knew my mother would kill me. So, this is what we ended up with, a little trim and the bangs slightly different.
Addie Before
Addie After
Reagan Before
Reagan After
Baylee Before
Baylee After
I'll just have to work on getting them to wear different colored hair bands or something so teachers and everyone else can tell them apart.

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  1. They are so beautiful !!! And changing so quickly.