Monday, May 2, 2011

Trip to Houston April 2011

We have been wanting to get back down to Houston to visit my paternal grandparents, Mamaw and Papaw Chambers, for a while now. We wanted to wait until the girls were able to walk and traveling better before we made plans for the trip. This, by far, was the best traveling experience we have had with the girls in the car. They did so well there and back and everything worked out just perfectly.
We left Saturday morning and headed for Houston, Spring, TX to be exact. We met Papaw and my Aunt Susan and Uncle Bailey at a Mexican food restaurant when we got into town. We had a great lunch and headed over to where Mamaw and Papaw are living at The Village at Gleannloch Farms to spend time with Mamaw.
We got settled in a living room there and broke out the toys for the girls to have some playtime with Mamaw and Papaw.

Reagan with "Mo-mo" - So Cute!

Baylee took all of the toys out of the cube and put each one individually in Papaw's lap...for safe keeping :)
Huh? - She has this look in a lot of pictures, most of the time we can barely get her to look up for pictures, she's so busy all the time.

Our fam with my Mamaw who just turned 88! Yeay! Happy Birthday!

After our great time with Mamaw and Papaw on Saturday, we headed back to Aunt Susan and Uncle Bailey's house for some more playtime, dinner and bedtime. We played at the park across the street and the girls played on the slides with Aunt Susan and Uncle Bailey and had a great time on the swings. This was the first time Baylee has liked swinging. All other times we have tried her on the swings she has not liked it at all.

We had a great dinner and a few tired meltdowns, mostly by Reagan who refused to leave my lap for the rest of the night.

One funny story from the weekend - Saturday night we had already fed the girls dinner and gotten them into their pajamas and we decided to go ahead and eat ourselves. We sat down in the dining room with Reagan on my lap and Addison coming in and out and playing in the kitchen. At one point, it got very quiet...never a comforting sound with three toddlers around. I asked Brent to go check on Baylee and Addison in the living room. He was laughing when he came back. When he walked into the living room, Baylee had made herself comfortable on top of the coffee table with her legs crossed. She had taken the lid off of a jar of M&M's and was casually picking each one out and eating it while watching Nick Jr. Brent said she looked so content and just like, "Ahhh, this is the life." Haha! Brent promptly removed her from the coffee table and took away the M&M's. She knows that getting on the coffee table is a "No-no" and she rarely gets candy so I guess she felt like we were preoccupied so she would take advantage of the alone time. We were still laughing about it on our way home on Sunday.

The girls with hair down Sunday morning at Aunt Susan's house.

Susan had some pipe cleaners laying around and was making bracelets and necklaces for the girls Sunday morning. Brent made Reagan the bracelet she is wearing in the picture below and she wore it the rest of the day. Cute :).

Distracted by Nick Jr....a regular occurrence I'm afraid.

Pictures in front of Aunt Susan's house Sunday morning before we headed home

Bubble time!

Cutie babies!

They LOOOOVE bubbles!

After leaving Aunt Susan's house on Sunday, we headed back to Spring to see Mamaw and Papaw one more time before leaving to meet some of our friends, Tracy and Justin Slovak, for lunch in Montgomery, TX on our way out of town. The girls behaved pretty well during lunch at Wolfie's by Lake Conroe and afterwards had a fabulous time chasing each other around The Slovak's house squealing with delight.

We had a great time over the weekend, but were happy to be home because this Mommy and Daddy were pretty darn exhausted. :)

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