Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit to Grammy and Pop's and Sick...Again

Last weekend we took a trip to Gunter to stay with Grammy and Pop for the weekend. We had a great time seeing the new "grandkid" addition to their house all completed and the girls LOVED spending time playing in the new Media/Playroom with all of Grammy's great toys!
Reagan riding the rocking horse - Originally her cousin CJ's :)

Addie having a great time with Daddy!

Cutie Baylee Brynn
Grammy has TONS of toys collected over the now 7 grandchildren she has. Their playroom was a WRECK when we were finished with it.
This week, after our great trip to Gunter, everyone got SICK. I am really sick, finally got some meds today. The girls were majorly sick. I think they are starting to get a little better now, though. Everyone has a cold, major congestion, cough...the whole shebang! Brent got the least of it out of everyone. I had Sarah here to help me on Tuesday when things started to get the worst and then Brent took off today to stay home and help me with sick girls since I am sick too. It was so great having him here to help, I would have really been dragging and worn down if I hadn't had him here to help.
Daddy and his girls - SICK DAY!
Addie doesn't look like she is feeling bad but trust me, she was not this playful at all yesterday. She slept for almost FOUR HOURS yesterday afternoon, she was feeling so bad! Poor baby!

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