Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We have three beautiful girls who we love and adore. We have a special and incredible marriage that we strengthen every day. And we have a fantastic and large extended family that love and support us every step of the way.
We spent the past few days of our Thanksgiving with our family. Thanksgiving Day was spent at Gran and Grandaddy's house with Brent's extended family. We had a houseful and they all got to see the girls up close and in person. We had great food and a wonderful time catching up with everyone we haven't seen in quite a time.
Grandaddy holding Baylee...a regular occurrence

Addison getting ready to go for Thanksgiving...

Baylee...cutie with her headband on

Reagan sleeping sweetly in her car seat

Mommy holding Reagan baby...

On Friday, we took the trip up to Pop and Grammy's house in Gunter, TX. My grandparents were there visiting for Thanksgiving and this was the first time my Mamaw had seen the girls. I was so happy we got to spend time with everyone and get some great pictures of the girls with their great-grandparents.
Mamaw holding Addison...with Peyton crawling over for some attention too :)

Mamaw holding Addison

Mamaw and Papaw holding all three girls
Aunt Missy brought over two of her boys, Mark and Peyton. We missed seeing our sweetie CJ so much, but we will spend some time with him during Christmas that we are looking forward to. Peyton thought the girls were pretty funny and he got a kick out of Addison. Peyton is such a big boy...look at these feet! :)

Addison's foot compared to Peyton's
Peyton touching Addie's foot
Peyton getting a kick out of Addie
Marky enjoying a cinnamon roll :) and some milk
Aunt Missy holding Baylee
Pop holding Marky
Aunt Mandy holding cutie Peyton Daniel
We had a great time during all of our outings for Thanksgiving this year, but it takes a lot of planning and packing :) to function wherever we go. Three pack n' plays, three bouncy chairs, three swings, formula, formula, formula, bottles, bottles, bottles...the list goes on and on. Also, we still aren't getting much sleep at night I'm afraid and when we have traveling or plans during the day, we don't have time to nap and catch up on our sleep so all of the lack of sleep finally caught up with me. I went through our entire fertility process and my entire pregnancy without so much as a cold, so it was my time I guess. I started feeling pretty bad Saturday morning and it just got worse as the day progressed. I finally had to take some medicine and go to bed and try to sleep. Brent braved the night dealing with the girls and feedings all by himself, such a great hubby and Daddy. He did mention today, though, that he has a new found empathy and understanding of what I go through each night with the girls by myself. You have to do it all alone before you really understand how hard it is. Also, Baylee's reflux is really not improving, we think maybe her dosage needs to be increased since she has grown sooo much since it was prescribed. We will see what the pediatrician has to say tomorrow.
Also, we recently decided we needed help from a professional to get us on a schedule and figure out if we are on the right path to getting the girls to sleep through the night. We have a sleep specialist coming tomorrow who will stay with us all week for two weeks and help me through the day with the girls to schedule us and also help me during the night with feedings. I am looking forward to all of the advice she has to give and I am hoping to learn as much from her as I can while she is here with us. I will keep everyone updated on how things are going while she is here. Since the girls were premature, we have to look at them as their an adjusted age instead of actual age. So, for instance, their actual age would be from their birth date (Sept. 5th...3 months old yesterday) but their adjusted age would be from their original due date (Nov. 4th...4 weeks old this Wednesday). The girls won't be expected to sleep through the night until they are 12 weeks old "adjusted" we have about another 8 weeks before we can even consider them developed enough to sleep 12 hours straight. Our sleep specialist will be here for two weeks to get us on that path and then come back when the girls are 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks "adjusted" to help us get to STTN (sleeping through the night). Our sleep specialist also has tons of experience with multiples so I am sure our controlled chaos is nothing new to her.
I will try to find some time during the week to blog and post some more pictures...Brent has a new toy (camera :)) he is learning how to use and the girls will be his favorite subjects. Love to you all!

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